A friend of mine always says “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” This is so true!

Waiting and wishing for things (including yourself) to be perfect only results in missed opportunities and experiences.

Think about it. How many times have you delayed that dream vacation because you didn’t like how you looked in your swimsuit…or you wanted a new opportunity at work but didn’t put yourself out there to ask because you didn’t think you were ready? Have you ever said no to something that sounded really, exceptionally fun because you were scared you wouldn’t be good at it?

I speak from experience. I was terrified to launch a website bearing my name. I waited, thought about it, talked about it, pseudo-planned it, put it in my “someday…” bucket. I built a monument to it in my mind… “oh yes, someday I’ll be ready to get ready to be ready to launch a coaching and speaking business.” These distractions were paralyzing; they produced…nothing.  I was hiding behind wanting the site to be perfect, my company to be perfect, my keynote to be perfect, and not acknowledging what I was really afraid of. In fact, I was so wrapped up in this holding pattern, that I didn’t even know what I was afraid of. The truth is, this LIVE, perfectly imperfect website about the work I do in the world is 100% better than the one I thought about in my head and never had the courage to create. It’s better because it exists! It is the product of action—action taken on the other side of fear.

Obsession with perfection is paralyzing. It can keep us from achieving what we are capable of, taking risks, having fun…and living life. If you’re waiting to be perfect, stop it. First, it’s never going to happen—nobody is “perfect,” without flaws, 100% right all the time, or whatever other definition you’ve assigned to perfection. We are all perfectly imperfect, and that includes YOU…right here, right now.

Next, stop the excuses. There is something within you that wants to be expressed, and it needs to come forward. It comes from the real you, the authentic, whole, complete you that is here in the world to make a difference. The people in your life will not often remember what you say, but they do remember how you make them feel. When you connect with people as the authentic YOU, you automatically give them permission to be their authentic selves. That is powerful…and that can start happening right now. Stop waiting for the perfect time, circumstances, or “green light” from someone outside yourself. Take action, give yourself permission to be you…and then do.